Progress to Date

  • Polaroid
    • Finished the “Creating Polaroid” section of the website
    • Started putting together the Portfolio section
  • The Way You Look Tonight
    • Prepared the ProTools session to record all that remains of Dannie’s part
  • I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues
    • Finished mixing it
  • The Scores
    • Finished tidying, amending and editing all of them
  • The Website
    • Finished writing and creating the “Bio” section


Thank Goodness for Precautionary Preparation

I roughly spent 3 hours mixing ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ and preparing the session for Dannie to easily come in and record this coming Monday. I had started creating a main take of the best parts of the one-take-wonder we did on the 7th of August, so this way she would only have to record a small number of sections to ensure she doesn’t over exert herself or work harder than she needs to. However, I received a message from her saying that she is not well enough to record. Honestly, I am disappointed that she won’t be on the recorded version of ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ since she has been such a massive part of my project being one of the original members, and it won’t sound the same without her vocal. However, it is obviously more important that she looks after her health and doesn’t do anything that would make her feel worse. All I can think right now is thank goodness I recorded Maddie singing Dannie’s part, otherwise I would be in all sorts of trouble at the moment.

It’s Coming to An End

I am finding it very difficult to grasp that my project is coming to an end. Having been working on it for 18 months, for me to be completing sections of it is surreal and I’m feeling unsure of what to do with myself. I know that I have more to do in the final week before I aim to have it completed, but I am sad to be letting it go so soon. I can only take this as evidence that I have worked hard and I am proud of what I produced because I genuinely don’t want this to end; this project has not turned into a burden for me as I have seen for others.

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