Progress to Date

  • Polaroid
    • Finalised chart
  • The Way You Look Tonight
    • Recorded Maddie singing Dannie’s part
    • Reconfirmed with Dannie that she is still good for the 21st of October
  • I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues
    • Continued remixing it


In a Good Place

This has been a slow week for my Studio Project since I have had other assessments interfere with me being able to commit my time to working on my portfolio, however I knew this would happen from the beginning of the semester, so was getting enough work done before week 11 so that I could “neglect” my project without it falling behind. I’m really proud of the way I have managed my time and organised myself to be able to not touch this project outside of the mixing suite considering I still need to write up a Bio section for myself, finish the ‘Creating ….’ sections, tidy up all the scores, and then make final presentation improvements to my website. Now that I can start working on this again with the other assessment finished, I feel that I am really on the home stretch.

Don’t Mix with Headphones

This week I properly began remixing ‘I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues’, and my goodness I can see so many areas that need improvement it’s ridiculous! No wonder I received the mark I did for it in first semester, but at least that means there is room for improvement, and by noticing so many things as I opened up the ProTools session, I guess that means I have improved as an audio engineer too. My biggest issue during my mixing session for this song was being able to get volume levels even across the mix, but I struggled a lot since I was mixing with headphones on, and this boxed in the sound for me and I couldn’t concentrate in the end with the headache it was giving me. I am slightly annoyed at myself because I can hear in some of the takes used in my vocal that I am standing further away from the microphone than others, so they sound a bit more distant, but I will be able judge it better when I mix it again without headphones, and hopefully I am able to minimise the severity of it.

Crisis Officially Averted

This week I had Maddie come in and record Dannie’s part for ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ and she absolutely nailed it! I am so happy with the quality of the recording and she was so persistent in making sure she sang everything as perfectly as possibly could. I am very grateful to her since she has ensured that ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ will be completed if Dannie can’t make it on the 21st of October. I have spoken with Dannie and confirmed that she is still good to go for her recording, but she has been experiencing some issues with her illness this week so hopefully she recovers enough to be able to record, but I don’t want her to push herself if she isn’t well enough. At least my Studio Project will 100% be completed now.

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