Progress to Date

  • Polaroid
    • Mixing complete
  • The Skyeboat Song
    • Mixing Complete
  • The Way You Look Tonight
    • Rescheduled to record Dannie again
    • Scheduled in to record Maddie as a just in case
  • The Team
    • Took team photos
  • Website
    • Created the ‘About the Team’ section on website


Two Recordings Finished!

This week I finished mixing ‘Polaroid’ and ‘The Skyeboat Song’! I am really proud of how the mixes sound and the balances I have been able to achieve, especially since this was a big concern of mine going into this semester. I showed Darren the mix for Polaroid in class on Wednesday to get feedback on it, and he loved it! He thought I had EQ’d everything really well, my editing was precise, detailed and effective, the use of reverb was good, and that the blend and vocal performances were good too. Basically, he told me it was a great mix and arrangement. The only thing he suggested was to add a compressor to the track alongside the maxim plugin rather than just having the maxim plugin. I applied this suggestion to ‘The Skyeboat Song’ too.

It is almost unbelievable to me that these two recordings are complete, now having only two more to mix! The project is finally starting to realise itself and get to the stage of completion.

Trying to Avert a Crisis

I had rescheduled with Dannie to record her part for ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ on the 10th of October, however with her life being crazy at the moment with her illness, she had forgotten about the recording session and now is unable to get to the studio on that day. I have now rescheduled again with her for the 21st of October, but that is leaving me very little time to mix and finalise the recording. I trust Dannie that she will be there and wants to be there to record, but just to cover all of my bases, Maddie has kindly agreed to record Dannie’s part on the 10th of October. This is to act as a security blanket, if for some reason Dannie is unable to end up recording on the 21st, I at least will have the part she sings recorded. Hopefully, I don’t need to end up using Maddie’s recording of Dannie’s part.

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