Progress to Date

  • Polaroid
    • Mixing
  • The Team
    • Organised a date for the team photo
  • Website
    • Troubleshooted issue with files being downloadable


Mixing, Mixing and Some More Mixing

In my last report update I mentioned that the mixing could make or break this project. I am pleased to say that I am feeling confident with my results to far in regards to Polaroid. However, I was initially faced with the prospect of possibly needing to re-record Turk’s bass line as there was a significant amount of headphone bleed that could be heard, even with the other vocalist’s part playing at the same time! I tried to use a noise-gate (which didn’t work) and then also tried to EQ the bleed out by applying a high pass filter (a female voice was bleeding) but that only worked to some extent. This was a real issue as it would have put me out of my schedule of completing my project on time, and I struggled to focus on other aspects of mixing while the issue was still present.

I spoke to Darren about this in class and he told me that I had done everything I could to edit out the bleed, so suggested finding another good take of the bass line; I had already tried this and the other takes where either pitchy or had the same amount of bleed. With his encouragement, I was able to find a snippet of a take which was good enough, and I could edit it into the take I already was using, which worked a treat! I am proud of myself for being able to troubleshoot this, and for having done everything I possibly could have up until the point of Darren’s suggestion.

I also feel like my ears have been getting better in regards to the EQing process. I am not instantly noticing things in the vocals that need to be changed, however I know how to go through the process of finding them, and once I have, when I bypass the EQ to hear it’s impact I am able to hear the qualities and frequencies I have since removed! I am also being very conscious of space in the mix in regards to range and panning. With the higher vocals I am applying a high pass filter and the lower vocals a low pass filter to hone in on the role each vocal is playing, which ultimately provides more space for each vocal to sit comfortably. With panning I am very conscious of the feedback I received last semester, so when the song is beginning with only 6 vocalists, I have a very wide mix, however when the remaining 8 vocalists join in, I bring the initial 6 vocalists closer to the centre since the play more of a main role, so the new backing vocalists can be panned widely and act as support rather than being a focus.

I am really proud of the different approach and mindset I am taking to mixing this semester, compared to last semester with ‘I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues’.

Website Woe’s

I have encountered an issue with my website which I think is partially unsolvable. As I made posts public which included videos and voice memos of rehearsals and performances, I learned that these can be downloaded by anyone who views my page, and that they had already been downloaded multiple times from random people in India and America (I can see locations on the stats page). My concern lies in the fact that this is work that I have done and put hours in to, and since these files are not final products to be enjoyed by viewers but are evidence of work, I worry what the intention of the people who downloaded my files is. I contacted WordPress Support and I have since learned how to disable downloading for the videos, but there is no way for me to make the audio files undownloadable as they have decided to not enable this feature! This leaves me in a circumstance where I have to decide if it is more important to have the audio files uploaded as evidence of my work, or whether it is more important to protect my work and eliminate the risk of anyone stealing it.

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