Progress to Date

  • Polaroid
    • Recorded Jose and Sam’s vocalOfficially finished recording for PolaroidBegun mixing
  • The Way You Look Tonight
    • Booked in time to record Dannie on the 10th of October
  • Website
    • Up to date with ‘Creating The Skyeboat Song’Started ‘Creating The Way You Look Tonight’Fixed an issue regarding the colour of the menu text


A Milestone Reached

This was a very exciting week for me as I finished recording all the parts to ‘Polaroid’. Having been working on the arrangement since January, to finally be able to hear all the parts come together just the way I Imagined them was a very special moment. This also means that I have finished recording every song for my studio project (aside from Dannie’s part for ‘The Way You Look Tonight).

Sam and Jose were just as cooperative and easy to work with as everyone else involved in the project. Like everyone else they were keen to record their parts until they were happy with every take, as well as me, and they took the time to ensure they were singing the parts correctly.

I could not have picked a better team!

The Mixing May Make Or Break It

Mixing is the stage that is scaring me the most, purely because to get a good result your ear has to be trained well in knowing what to listen for. I don’t have a great deal of experience, and I want to be able to achieve a better result and mark than the one I attained at the end of semester one for my initial mix of ‘I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues’. In saying this though, I have been having lots of conversations with Darren regarding how to approach the mixing process and which techniques and “rules of thumb” usually deliver the best results.

I have started playing around with the mix for ‘Polaroid’, looking at how things are panned and playing around with pan automation, as well as doing some small volume automation. All of my time will now be dedicated to the mixing process, so I will be able to get in a lot of practise and have the luxury of having time to change things and receive feedback. I only hope that based on my skill level and the fact that I have four songs to mix, that it will be enough time. I will also do more research on how to mix A Cappella arrangements on the website ‘Recording A Cappella with Danny Ozmnet’ as he offers lots of advice and interviews people who have extensive experience in the area.

Thinking More About Post Project

Recently I have been asked numerous amounts of time what the purpose of my project is, and my answer has always been the same; to show evidence of my skills and knowledge as a vocalist and arranger, and to have it be an online resume. However, I was presented with the idea by one of my team members, Sam Cashman, that once I have completed the arrangements and the project, that I should reach out to those who originally wrote the songs and send them my work so they can see how much it is being appreciated and how they are inspiring others. Although this is slightly off topic from my studio project as this will be post project, I think it is a good idea to start thinking more seriously about who I can show this too one my goal is achieved of securing a job/place somewhere.

Overcoming Challenges and Facing New Ones

I am happy to say that I have successfully booked in studio time with Dannie for the 10th of October to record her part for ‘The Way You Look Tonight’. This has been a constant challenge on my mind, but I am glad we were able to find a way together that would allow her ample time to recover (as much as she can by that point in time) to come in and sing, and still leave me enough time to be able to mix her part.

I have also come over small hurdles which I am encountering with the website; embedding a certain project onto different posts and changing the colours of the heading through CSS codes. While neither of these have been serious and if I hadn’t had these features on my website it would not have been worse off, but I believe they enhance it with its appearance and navigational clarity.

As may also be apparent in the Gannt chart, I have added several new tasks, all of which I have alluded to previously; making time to take a team photo, creating a biography section, as well as creating an about the team section. The only challenge I will be facing with these tasks is time, but I believe my time management has been strong enough so far that I will be able to complete these sections of my website before my studio project is due, and up to a high standard.

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