Progress to Date

  • Polaroid
    • Recorded Sang’s beatboxing
    • Recorded Leo’s vocals
  • Website
    • Curated material for ‘Creating …’ posts for arrangements


Working With the Best to Achieve the Best

This week I recorded Sang’s beat boxing for ‘Polaroid’, and was very grateful he was patient enough to experiment with different sounds, making his own suggestions, and taking the time to create the sound that I was at times struggling to describe. He was brilliant and created the exact track that I wanted. I also asked him to freestyle over the song and recorded him, so this way I am able to hear ideas and parts that I might not have realised I wanted, given my limited knowledge and exposure to beat boxing. From this I heard lots of different effects and tricks such as vinyl scratches and knocking/clicking sounds, syncopated rhythms and fills, which I would love to include to create a moment in the track for Sang’s part. I will experiment with the placement of these moments in the mixing and editing process.

I was also meant to record both Leo and Josh Savusa this week, however Josh Savusa had lost his voice, so I instead double tracked Leo’s vocal. Leo was extremely cooperative in this process, and was so patient in recording everything twice. He too was making his own suggestions in regards to how we could take advantage of double tracking his vocal by recording the part in the final chorus an octave apart to make it sound thicker and fuller. This was a great idea as the 3 other “choir” groups (Resa and Mia, Ruby and Dominique, Jose and Sam) are all pedalling a Db an octave apart from each other in the same section, so Leo’s part may have sounded a bit thinner just being in its own register.

I feel incredibly lucky to be working with such talented and caring people on my project who are willing to bring their ideas to the table. They are only improving and enhancing the final product.

A Slow Yet Necessary Process

I haven’t made as much progress on the website as I would have liked to this week. I had created the draft posts for ‘Creating ….’ for each arrangement and intended to spend time fleshing out their content and stories, however other commitments intervened. On a positive note however, I did spend time curating the small videos of the progress of the recording sessions, and I’ve then been uploading them as media content that I can access from the websites editing section to add to these posts. In hind sight, it is more important for me to finish curating the material before really knuckling down on each post as I can specifically reference certain sections and progress points. I wasn’t expecting it to take the whole week to do this, however it has given me a new perspective on how long it might take to create these ‘Creating ….’ posts for each arrangement.

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