Progress to Date

  • Polaroid
    • Recorded Resa and Mia’s backing vocals
  • Website
    • Created a more detailed menu
    • Started curating material and creating the post for ‘The Creation of The Skyeboat Song’


I Can Do Better, So I Will

Even though I feel I have been incredibly organised throughout the duration of my project, one thing I realised I hadn’t been as organised in was preparing evidence of progress to include in my ‘creation of the arrangement’ posts on my website in regards to the recording process. To cater for this, in the studio this week I took the time to video snippets of my ProTools sessions, muting and soloing parts to demonstrate how each song has progressed in the studio and the order I recorded each of the parts in. From this point forward, I will take short progress videos of each recording session, as well as the mixing sessions too.

Credit Where Credit is Due

I also made the decision this week that I would love to include an ‘about the team’ section on my website. This project of mine would not have been possible without so many people contributing to it with their ideas, feedback, support, and voices, and I really feel I need to give credit where credit is due. In this section I will write an about section for each team member, acknowledge their contribution, and if they allow me to, provide links or details to view their own work. This will add a small amount to my workload, but it is something which I feel strongly about completing.

Facing Challenges

This week I also spoke to Dannie about how she is feeling and how her illness is treating her. She let me know that she is feeling better, and that hopefully in late September she will be able to come in to the studio and record her part for ‘The Way You Look Tonight’. I let her know that there was no pressure for her to do this, and that if she can’t then both Gabby and Maddie have volunteered to sing her part, but it would definitely be ideal if Dannie could sing it. Hopefully she continues her speedy recovery and will be able to record in a month or so.

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