Progress to Date

  • Polaroid
    • Recorded Dominique and Ruby
  • Website
    • Created more menu options
    • Learnt how to make a Blog Page and add to it
    • Learnt how to create more menu options


Evaluation of My Own and My Team Members’ Performance

This week I completed the task of recording Ruby and Dominique for Polaroid. Once again, I received really positive feedback that not only are the arrangements themselves sounding good, but that my approach as a director/teacher is comforting for those I am working with. Dominique said that “you tell us what to do and what you would like us to do, but it’s never in a condescending or bossy way”. This meant a great deal to me as one of the outcomes I am hoping for from this project is to be a good director and leader of people. I need to be able to get my ideas and points across, but more importantly people need to be willing to receive them. Ruby and Dominique were also extremely easy to work with. They were open to and even started discussions about singing their parts in either head voice and chest voice and which sounded better, and they were persistent in recording their parts until not only I was happy with the take, but they too were happy with the take. They were invested in my recording sounding good; this meant a lot to me as a project manager and a friend.

Obstacles Tackled With Further Research

Another aspect of my project which I have ‘unintentionally’ made great progress on is my website. (I say unintentionally since I had planned to work out what I thought was going to be much more difficult, much later). This week I did some research and digging in WordPress’ online tutorials and videos, and discovered how to get the ‘Blog’ section of my website to work. Initially I had been struggling and confused with how to use a ‘page’ to display them all, but now I can start adding my report updates to my website weekly. This is very exciting for me as it means I can manage my workload so it doesn’t pile up so much at the end of semester. I was also able to workshop some ideas for the menu on my website, however I need to do some more of this since I don’t think it is still working one hundred percent.


As mentioned in last week’s report, a challenge I have faced is Dannie being ill and unable to record in the timeframe I scheduled her in for. This week she let me know that she may have to defer from the course since she hasn’t been able to attend classes or be able to submit assessments/work towards them. Ultimately I hope Dannie is okay and she needs to focus on her recovery, but I might ask her next week if she might be well enough to come in to uni for an hour or two in a few weeks time to record ‘The Way You Look Tonight’, the last song I haven’t recorded her on. If she is not well enough to come in to uni, I will ask other singers if they would be able to sing her part. I have a few in mind of who I will ask, but I will approach Dannie first and find out how she is before going ahead with Plan B.

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