Progress to Date

  • I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues:
    • Started re-editing and mixing the song after receiving feedback from Darren.
  • The Way You Look Tonight:
    • Recorded a note for Gabby’s vocal (was flat when originally recorded)
    • Recorded the middle section of Maddie’s vocal
    • Recorded all of my vocal
    • Begun mixing
  • The Skyeboat Song:
    • Recorded Dannie’s vocal
    • Recorded my vocal
    • Begun mixing
  • Polaroid:
    • Prepared a ProTools session
    • Recruited remaining vocalists (another 9 on top of the usual 5)
    • Recorded guide tracks
    • Recorded Loki’s vocal
    • Recorded Gabby’s vocal
    • Recorded Maddie’s vocal
    • Recorded Dannie’s vocal
    • Recorded my vocal
    • Recorded Turk’s vocal



Over the first four weeks of the semester, I feel that I have been very professional in my approach and organisation of my project. Within the first 2 weeks of semester, For Polaroid I had prepared a Pro Tools session for it, recorded the guide tracks, recruited the extra team members, and had already begun working on re-editing and mixing ‘I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues’. Since then, I have made progress with tracking multiple people’s parts (as seen above and in the Gannt Chart) for each of the remaining A Cappella pieces that had not been finished recording, and I have also begun to mix these songs too. Furthermore, I have booked in the recording sessions for my team members Ruby, Dominique, Leo, Josh, Sang, Resa and Mia, and am now just waiting until Monday of week 5 to be able to book Jose and Sam in for their recording session since you can’t book a room on supersas more than 3 weeks in advance. I have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from my peers about the organisation and the efficiency of my project and the recording sessions.

I am also finding that I am happier with the results I am getting out of the studio this semester. Now that I have more experience and confident under my belt, I am finding that I know something as simple the sweet spot of where to put the gain, which is ultimately delivering better results for the recording. So far, I have recorded Loki, Gabby, Dannie, Maddie and Turk, and each of them have come in to the studio knowing their parts and eager to get them down. They have also been extremely professional in their willingness to listen to my instructions on microphone technique and vocal technique. I am very fortunate to be working with them.

What I’ve Learned About Myself

This semester, as mentioned above, I am also taking the time to improve my mix for ‘I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues’. Having received and reflected on Darren’s feedback on it for recording last semester, I learnt that even though I did well on the assessment, I can definitely do better. I have only made a few slight improvements since I have been so focused on finishing recording everyone first, but it is very important to me that I improve my mix for my own personal development in recording, and so my project is at a standard that I am happy with.

This goal has taught me that I am very driven as a student, which will then lead me to being a very driven person in the work force and in the field. It’s a quality that I am happy to have, but I need to be careful of it not tipping over to being a perfectionist which is something I have been in the past and it means I will never be happy with the results I find since I look for things to fix instead of being happy and proud of my achievements and results.


So far, I haven’t faced too many challenges in the semester since I have been so organised, however I had Dannie scheduled in for the 14th of August to record her part for ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ but she has been injured and is now in hospital, so I will need to reschedule her recording to a future date. This is visible on my Gannt chart as now that task is listed as overdue, but it is a result of circumstances which are out of my hands.

Changes to Project

It is also important for me to note that I have made a small adjustment to the arrangement ‘Polaroid’; I had originally scored a percussive part written as a kick and snare which I intended to produce by recording foot stomps and claps, however now that Sang has joined the Kindred community for the semester, I am getting him to beat box on the recording since this will emulate my reference material even more so, and I believe it would be a wasted opportunity to record an A Cappella piece without using a beat boxer when I have the chance to.

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